Pharma Licensing Research, Inc.,

We are willing to assist you in Maximizing

your Pharma/Bio Alliance/License with your Japanese Partners.

Can you well collaborate with pharmaceutical companies, bio-ventures and academia in Japan? It would be usually very difficult for foreign companies to fully understand culture, systems, regulations in Japan and practices to license, make alliance, communicate and negotiate with Japanese pharma- and bio-entities.


After you have had sufficient and deep experiences in pharma business in Japan, you may be able to know and would become very much surprised that there is no Japanese lawyer (other than exceptional lawyers less than 5 among all 25,000 lawyers) who have sufficient experiences in having worked within pharmaceutical companies in Japan.


Most of leading pharmaceutical companies in Japan entrust internal licensing executives with business contractual negotiations in consultation with people at internal legal departments or sections. 

Perhaps they may on need-to-have basis get advice from outside contractual professional consultants (no lawyers) who have sufficient knowledge on pharma and bio business and/or in the occasional event of dispute, litigation or otherwise, lawyers who have sufficient knowledge on laws primarily.


Based upon various experiences and expertise to make alliances between Western and Japanese pharma- and bio-companies which have been obtained through out the working for Novartis Pharma and Yamanouchi (now Astellas) Pharma, we could provide distinguished services for you to facilitate, make easier and more efficient your business development & licensing activities in Japan or with Japanese entities.


July 2018  We updated the website.