Profile of the Company

Pharma Licensing Research, Inc.


Address: Nishi-Karuizawa 2534-20, Miyota-Machi, Kitasaku-Gun, Nagano 389-0206 Japan


direct to the President:

Please feel free to contact us.

1.If your company desires to be successful in alliances with Japanese entities.


2.If you are not fully satisfied with the services as provided from your existing advisors in Japan.

Service to Advise for the Clients outside Japan.

1.Advantageous negotiations with Japanese entities.


2.Favorable contracts and agreements with Japanese entities.


3.Efficient ways to introduce your products and technologies to Japanese entities.


4.Matching with Japanese entities concerning your products and technologies.

Selling Points of our Services.

1.Quality of Services.


2.Quick Response.


3.Cost Efficiency => Satisfaction of Clients.