Win-Win Deals for Pharmacos Coming to Japan.

For making a win-win deal, each party should well understand what the other party regards as of much value. Otherwise, each party may struggle to gain the terms being less valuable to it but much valuable to the other party. For obtaining more advantageous terms and conditions against the other party, you should know what is the realistic objective of the other party. Otherwise you may have to make more compromise than the other party expects. If a negotiator of a company outside Japan knows more about Japan, it can be much more successful in getting more and better deals in Japan. As far as we know, the primary reason for failing to reach a Win-Win Deals between Western pharmaco (even, big pharmacos) and Japanese pharmaco is without doubt misunderstanding in cultures, languages and commercial practices. 


We are willing to make services to facilitate your pharma- and/or bio-business with Japanese entities.


Sumio Iwanami, Ph.D.